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"Thank you, Claire! I must share that working with Claire has been a catalyst for beautiful change in my life. It is simply uncanny how being in a session with Claire so quickly took me to places I aspire to reach in meditation, and seldom do. If you are considering a first try, I absolutely encourage you!" ~CD, North Carolina

"Thanks so much for the session today. You have a real talent on hearing bits and pieces of my ramblings and formulating them into real feelings. For that I am grateful." ~MP, North Carolina

"The guided imagery, energy work, and chat sessions were very helpful and empowering. Now I have the tools I need to be healthy and happy. It really helped me see the world more clearly. You've made a big difference in my life. Thank you!" ~PK, North Carolina

​"Claire is professional, trustworthy, respectful, sensitive to issues, competent and calm. My experience has been: relaxing, positive, enjoyable, liberating, empowering, safe and life-affirming. It "unstuck the stuck" and although at the outset, I felt like I was swimming in raging waters, now I feel peaceful, soothed, inspired, hopeful, focused and directed." ~KN, North Carolina

"I loved our session yesterday. Your energy is so good and compassionate while also strong – it’s a great blend so thank you. Today I have felt more optimism and a general lightness of mood. Of course I know there is more to do but so far so better." ~KS, North Carolina

"Thank you for all the help you gave me. You really helped me recover from that sad place where I was. I'm very thankful for your hypnosis and energy techniques." ~PO, Florida

"Thank you for being a tremendously positive influence in my journey of healing." ~CS, North Carolina

"Claire is a sophisticated and empathetic therapist. Her sessions involving guided imagery are transformative. She is a fine human being and a fabulous hypnotherapist. If you desire to create change in your life; she is the woman to see."

"Claire can really got to the heart of my issues and helped me address it and get over it. I really appreciate how much she did for me. I love her intuition and style. Great energy. :-)"

"Claire is wonderful! I found her very knowledgable, kind and comfortable. I will continue seeing her for several other issues I need help with."

"Claire was kind and taught me techniques I could use to help myself, furthering the impact of her assistance beyond the time I spent with her." ~KB, North Carolina

"This was a really good experience. I've done hypnotherapy before and recommend the process. However, Claire helped me uncover some things holding me back I was unaware of." ~RH, North Carolina



"I'm not sure if you remember my daughter... she's 12. She has Functional Abdominal Pain and you helped her tremendously! She is now riding the school bus, which is HUGE and she has actually gone to a music concert which she had refused to go to before as well. She has not had any more pain except maybe one time and she has not missed ANY more school. She still listens to her recordings every day. I can't thank you enough!!"



"THANK YOU! Our sessions helped SO MUCH during my training presentation. In fact, I think it was the best public speaking performance of my life! Public speaking is still not my strong suit, but I feel like I did very well and got a lot of positive feedback from the training participants." ~EP, North Carolina



"I wanted to let you know that I listened to your two recordings before my job interview and was perfectly calm and self-confident. They have done a background check and checked my references, so I am expecting a job offer soon. Thank you so much!!!" ~KN, North Carolina

"I've been feeling so alert, calm and happy since our session today. I think your work is very beneficial to me. Could I buy any more of your mp3 recordings? ... I enjoy them so much." ~AS, North Carolina

"I love using the recordings you sent me and use them most every day. I use My Cottage, and the Calm Lake one the most. I tend to use them during my lunch breaks and they do wonders for me."~BB, North Carolina


"Sessions with Claire enabled me to work through my panic attacks and to make a smooth transition to graduate school. I tried hypnosis as a "last resort" to eliminate my constant anxiety, and the sessions helped me focus on my feelings in the moment and put a stop to distressing thoughts. Ever since I saw Claire I have experienced a significant decrease in my anxiety, and I feel much more optimistic and confident. I highly recommend this program." ~ME, North Carolina

​"Claire was wonderful, went above and beyond what I expected and provided extremely sound advice. Would highly recommend!"


"My ability to focus, move larger tasks to completion, weight train more consistently and even get in daily cardio (which I previously disliked because it was boring) is occurring since we last met. THANK YOU!!!" ~MW, NC


​"The session is having a very positive effect on my general attitude and work performance. Did not anticipate such an immediate result. I am very pleased to discover that!" ~CL, North Carolina

"I cannot tell you how much your sessions helped me with each of the areas we worked on. What I explain to people is that it's not that the behavior or attitude have disappeared, it's my perception of them that has changed. This change in perception has meant everything for real change in everyday life. So, I thank you!" ~CD, North Carolina

"It certainly has been an upward spiral. I continue to use the energy clearing daily and experiment with visualization three times a day! The combination of what you taught me and my determined consistency is changing my life. Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Thanks Claire!"~LT, North Carolina


"Ecuador is great! I spent most of the day 9,000 ft in the mountains on roads I thought I'd never be able to travel. When I got scared, I breathed and put my index finger and thumb together and went to my place of peace that you created with me and everything was fine. Thanks again for all your help! ~TM, North Carolina


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"It's completely wonderful - just relaxing. I'm learning to relax on my own and step outside the things that are upsetting and put them in proper perspective. It's as private as I want it to be. Claire talks and it all goes on inside me. It's really helping me. It's delicious. ~LW, North Carolina

"I am so thankful for Claire... Her business involves many levels of personal healing... From the deepest relaxation techniques I have ever experienced and ways of getting in touch with the negativity that has held me back from success and happiness in my personal life and all my relationships... And ways of completely releasing it... two visits and I feel a depth of contentment and happiness and confidence I thought was lost. I can't wait to go back... " ~LR., North Carolina


"The birth went amazingly! She was born 3.7kgs at home in the birthing pool. I am so happy that I had the opportunity for a home birth and listening to your birthing breathing mp3s really made me confident and calm that I could do it. So thank you!! ~CT, New Zealand

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"I have effectively kicked my smoking habit! I do not crave or think about them really at all ... even when they are kind of "in my face". I feel truly free of them. And I really attribute this to you and our sessions, especially our first one, when you made me think about why I wanted to quit, and how they fit in my life, and how serious I was about quitting. I am a believer!" ~KV, North Carolina

"It has been 2 years, three weeks since I had a cigarette. So, I wanted you to know that I have had no tobacco products in over two years and it is basically not part of my thinking when I feel stress. I am much more steady at the gym now and I know I am in better shape than I had been in a number of years. I still listen to your tapes some. " ~KK, North Carolina

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With a hectic life and lots of day-to-day responsibilities, it is hard to make the changes I know I need to stay healthy. The four sessions that I had with Claire made lifestyle changes so much easier and achievable for me. Plus her personalized mp3 recording (that deals with my specific issue "to be more mindful of every bite I take") changed my life. I am now aware of what I am eating and make healthier choices. I don't crave sweets and I can eat just one brownie without eating the entire container. Hypnosis allowed me to get rid of the subconscious issues that were preventing me from achieving my goals and also gave me some really relaxing time to myself. Now I am on my way to a more healthy lifestyle and feel at ease." ~VS, North Carolina

"I had my very first session with Claire today. It was totally pleasant and I sort of feel like Claire somehow opened up my head and poured in a whole new bunch of possibilities, in terms of food habits. it will be interesting to see what results from this. So far, so good. I've not had much of a craving for sweets tonight." ~JH, North Carolina


"I wanted to let you know I had the best sleep EVER (as in 4 hours straight) the first time I listened to your deep sleep tape. I did wake up a couple of times and each time played the "insomnia-go back to sleep" tape, and that's been working, too! ~NS, North Carolina


"Claire is a wonderful experience. I continue to see her on a regular basis. :-) She has helped me beat a phobia, resolve a big issue, and sleep better."~JS, North Carolina

"Claire was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable during the hypnosis sessions. She gave me some relaxation recordings to listen at home and now after almost three years I still listen to them and get the same relaxing effect. She helped me to fix my sleeping disorder and in general to bring more peace into my life. Unfortunately I moved out of state and can't visit Positive Spiral Hypnosis anymore, but I try to stop by when I'm in town. Claire is very compassionate and the energy work she does helps you to lighten up your soul. I am immensely grateful for all she helped me with and for the changes my life has gone though after those sessions." ~PO, Florida


I have made major progress with sleep and insomnia. I think of these times with Claire as giving myself a reboot – learning how to clear out the clutter, stress, and tension created by the many challenges in my life – and starting with a clean slate that I CONTROL because I am the Boss of Me! Friday night I had no strange dreams whatsoever – and such a good sleep I was stiff in the morning because I wasn’t tossing and turning all night!" ~ NS, NC

"Since my first session, I have felt much more relaxed and have slept better each night." ~LF, North Carolina

"After a frustrating day at work my eyes popped wide open at 3:00 am with a whirling brain. After tossing and turning I remembered the Sleep Tight recording on my iPod. It was just the ticket. I went deep to sleep. I'm trying to find my happy place again, and let the frustrations flow by me instead of over me. So, thank you. And I used it on the plane to Reno. I was cramped, stuck in a window seat, itchy to get off the plane and still had an hour to go. I did the first part of the CD and it helped immensely." ~GW, Texas


"I had the colonoscopy today and the hypnosis track worked perfectly. I didn't feel any pain. I felt the tube going in and when it was finally out, but nothing in between (not even the turns). My doctor said she is a believer. She said I used only one third the amount of anesthesia as last time." ~GS, North Carolina

"I used the pain control on myself with VERY good results. I am allergic to fire ant bites and stepped into a new nest of the buggers in my driveway, so multiple bites on both feet, very painful and severely itchy. I used your 10 min relaxation mp3 and went deep from there using the anchors from our session. I visualized two buckets of cool/cold fluid with a soothing numbing sensation in it, which brought the burning pain and itching down to almost nothing then I installed a switch on both legs and switched it off. I had a very good night's sleep and next day whenever it would start up again (wearing shoes), I switched it off and focused on "go numb" and away it would go!" ~DA, North Carolina


"This morning I was able to enjoy peace and quiet for the first time in 7-8 years. It brought tears to my eyes. I have noticed that after our session yesterday some of the negative messages are being discarded automatically." ~MD, North Carolina


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"I just wanted to thank you so much for the tools you have shared during the self-confidence workshop. You're giving us a richness of techniques and I haven't gotten to them all, but what I've done has been so helpful. I also practice the power poses, almost daily, which got me to reflect on gender differences in posture etc. So THANK YOU CLAIRE!" ~KC, North Carolina

"Thanks for a great experience [Stress-Busting Workshop] this weekend! It was fun learning some new tools and hearing others' experiences with some of the tools." ~ WJ, North Carolina

"I found the Stress-Busting workshop very useful. I went thinking I had no special stresses but unknowingly was building up stores of calm for this week. Thanks!" ~BW, North Carolina

"Claire’s self-confidence workshops are for everyone. Whether you are knee deep in self regret and guilt about your unfulfilled life, or feeling out of control in managing the business of your life (i.e., Being The Boss of You) or having a life event that sets you back in a big way – Claire can help! Not only is the session valuable in its content, Claire ends with hypnosis. I leave feeling rested and happily self-righteous that I took the time for me! You will get tangible take-home tips, ‘homework’ and downloads of Claire’s guided hypnosis recordings, and links to other relevant resources. I have taken the class twice and she had new tips and information the second time around, but the initial content was worth repeating – just like with your subconscious, the more you hear it the more you become it. ~ NS, North Carolina

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