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Couples Counselling

Every partnership is unique and all relationships experience problems at some point. Although you can benefit by working on relationship struggles as an individual in therapy, gaining more insight into your own behaviours and learning new skills, the greatest changes occur when both partners commit to working through their issues. 


Here are some common issues that bring people to couples counselling:

  • Relationship has been on a back burner since having children

  • Infidelity in one or both partners

  • Empty nest syndrome or problems with grown children

  • Wanting to avoid repeating old mistakes with a new partner

  • Wanting help to make a separation or divorce smoother

  • Lack of, or mismatched, sexual desire

  • Ageing or physiological issues (menopause, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus)


Here are common issues that can affect any type of relationship: family, friends, colleagues or romantic/intimate:

  • Communication problems

  • Hurt feelings/defensiveness

  • Arguments and fights

  • Trauma from earlier in life affecting the relationship

  • Anger or emotional outbursts

  • Obesity or lack of self-care (self or other)

  • Snoring or other irritating behaviours

  • Addictions that affect the relationship, in self or partner

  • Mental health problems or neurodiversity (self or other)


You may choose to work with me as a couple, with both of you present in the session, as well as having the option for one or both partners to see me individually. In couples sessions we will explore the interactions and dynamics of the partnership, whereas in individual sessions you will be exploring your own processes and behaviours. Whatever is said in an individual session is confidential and information from an individual session will not be revealed in a joint session without your prior consent. 

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