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Emotional health and clear thinking - as quickly as possible!

As a Human Givens therapist, I focus on helping my clients to identify and address their unmet emotional needs. When these are neglected, we may suffer negative consequences ranging from mild stress to mental illness. Human Givens Therapy offers practical help so that you can learn how to activate and use your innate resources to get your emotional needs met. 

I work with clients of all ages and take a practical, kind, and non-judgmental approach in my work and address the whole person. Here are some of the areas I specialise in:

1) Teens & young adults (ages 12-25). Anxiety, depression, chronic illness, school problems, addictions, isolation, sexuality, racism, self-identity, and neurodiversity.


2) Somatic (physical or medical) symptoms that have an emotional or psychological component. This includes functional gastrointestinal conditions like IBS, chronic pain, migraines, autoimmune conditions, and some skin conditions.


3) Couples Almost every relationship experiences difficulties now and then and each relationship is unique.

4) Dissociative Disorders Dissociative disorders are thought to be a form of childhood PTSD and are often misdiagnosed. 

Learn more about these areas here

What to expect when you work with me

My aim is to help get you back on your feet and functioning again with all the tools and resources you need to cope with the circumstances of your life, in as few sessions as possible. 

I will ask you about various aspects of your life including your concerns, stress level, relationships, health and medical history, sleep, and work, and will listen carefully. The goal for all clients in Human Givens therapy is emotional health and clear thinking.


Choose a 60- or 90-minute session, online anytime or in-person in Edinburgh at weekends. Each session is a mix of talk, psychoeducation, learning practical skills and coping strategies, and guided imagery/relaxation. Somewhere between 2 - 8 sessions is a typical range for most of my clients. However, sometimes people need a bit more support and resolution may take longer. 

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